Here is my team.  I couldn't have done it without them.

Nicolas Come


Passionate about technology and healthy habits, Nicolas wanted to share with his friends what he was learning in the garden and in the kitchen.  He pitched his idea during a local hackathon and Nicolas' Garden was born during that weekend.

Drisha Leggitt

President and CMO

Drisha is a multi-award-winning Marketing and Communications professional with over 15-years of experience promoting corporations, businesses, school districts and nonprofit organizations with specific emphasis and success in the areas of technology and children’s health and wellness.

Kathryn Lastufka

Social Media Outreach

Kathryn has over two years of experience managing social media for influential companies in Sacramento. After graduating as a Techno-Cultural Studies graduate at the University of California, Davis, Kathryn joined the Nicolas'Garden team.

Elyse Dietrich


From the first time she toured a TV station at age 5, Elyse Dietrich was captivated by the media world. Since then she has gone on to produce award-winning multi-media projects and cause marketing campaigns. She has an extensive background in television news, community relations, strategic partnerships and project management.