One of the most powerful ways to spread the message that kids can actively make a huge difference in the world, is for kids to have a real, live example of one of their own in action.

Correspondent Nicolas Come with his other pint-sized journalist cohorts, interviewing President Barack Obama. What an honor!

Likewise, to be a part of making our own communities healthy, we need to begin at home and we need to model our message, and show how it is possible to transform where we live to be cities that embrace healthy, fresh foods and healthy, sustainable lifestyles as a main value.

But Why Should We Or Nicolas See Farm to Fork as a Paramount Feature of a Healthy Kid Community?

To make good changes, we need leading examples of how every slice of a City’s culture, economy, business climate, and citizenry can engage in cultivating and sustaining a locally-grown, farm-infused way of life.

The opportunity to visit the White House and attend the Kid’s State Dinner, hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama, as a reporting correspondent was exciting. You can visit the White House Blog for a testament to why. Among photos taken during the event, Nicolas’ photo with President Barack Obama bending over, addressing the bank of pint-sized correspondents, was featured in the 5 best moments of the day.

Courtesy of Clear Channel Entertainment

Courtesy of Clear Channel Entertainment

That is Sacramento, and why Nicolas wanted to carry that message to Washington. Confirming that the President and First Lady share Nicolas’ mission was more than affirming. 

Yet Nicolas is, of course, also just an 8-year-old, navigating a once in a lifetime experience few veteran journalists will ever get to enjoy. The trip was thrilling, and daunting, with a break-neck schedule that began on a red-eye flight out of Sacramento International Airport Sunday evening, after only just hearing about his clearance to go from the White House Friday afternoon.

His visit continued in meeting all the kids and their families from around the country who submitted healthy recipes that ignited the Kids State Dinner to begin with, and his trip was capped by an opportunity to interview the President AND getting to ask every one of his new friends there to share their recipes with him for his mobile app so kids everywhere can enjoy their tasty, healthy concoctions!

A really exciting feature from his trip was his live interview with KXTV, from the White House. Asked why he wanted to be a part of all of this, Nicolas shared:“I wanted people to know about Sacramento and what we’re doing there with farms, fresh fruits and vegetables.”

The natural question most adults asks, is what is Nicolas or any young person his age to make of such an opportunity and responsibility?

Nicolas’ Big Interview

Christina Mendonsa of KXTV Channel 10 News and her anchor team helps us understand the answer. As a local station partner of Nicolas’ Garden, among many that heve been loyal supporters and messengers of Nicolas’ journey to spread the word, this video (click on image) really demonstrates how serious (and fun!) the business of helping kids become healthier is.Changing the tide of so many who grow up to suffer serious illnessess and devastating outcomes from unhealthy lifestyles is a job that indeed takes a village. To be able to really make a difference by inspiring and helping kids grow, cook, and eat healthy, kid-friendly food is the reason why Nicolas went to Washington, D. C.

It is important to remember amongst the excitement of visits to meet the President and cooking on shows like Fox and Friends in New York or Fox40 locally (who really captured one of the very first stories about Nicolas and his epicurious talents) there is serious intent behind Nicolas’ journey overall, and it is the journey every child can and should be emboldened and inspired to take.

Showing the world how all of us can make a difference is a responsibility Nicolas accepted on his own. People often ask his team (those who haven’t met him) if he really is behind the mission and if he really is that serious kid with a serious mission. The answer to that is emphatically YES!

And it is why so many are inspired to spread his message, why an opportunity to connect with the most powerful family in the world, and the greatest advocate leaders of healthy foods this nation has ever had, reminds us all why such a simple solution as a mobile app for kids by kids, is an innovation whose time has come. Hard risks are imprtant to take, and kids can lead the way. 

What Can You Do?

How you can help is simple. You can spread the word and put the words into action at home with your kids, and live your life actively proving that growing, cooking, and eating kid-friendly, healthy food really is fun. You can help Nicolas continue his mission by reaching out to our team member responsible for partnerships at

And above all you can download Nicolas’ Garden mobile app, upload and share all your own healthy, kid-friendly recipes, and spread the word!

Enroll the adults and kids in your village to take Nicolas’ challenge, to use grow, shop for, cook, and eat only the healthiest, whole foods possible. For tips to help you with your kids in the kitchen, check out Nicolas’ new YouTube cooking videos on NicolasGardenTV.