Welcome to Nicolas’ Garden!

By Ara Davis and Kathryn Lastufka 

Wondering how to get involved? Let us show you around. Put yourself out there and share the good things you are doing or seeing around you. It is sharing that will plant seeds of thought and grow good lifestyles! Have fun!

The Website:  www.NicolasGarden.com

Our website has some awesome resources available, on everything from cooking to gardening! We also would love to share the wonderful things you are doing to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Are you staying healthy in your community against all odds?  Are you inspiring others to be healthy through hard work and fun? We would love to hear your story. Visit our CONTACT tab and share with us: http://www.nicolasgarden.com/friends-1-1/

2. Plant your own garden at school or at home. Visit the FARM tab on our website for some great local gardening resources. http://www.nicolasgarden.com/farm/ We would love to see the process and the finished results! Send us pictures of your garden and/or plants.

3. Write us a letter or email...or a video or haiku about vegetables. We want to see just about anything!  It’s always fun to talk and share with other people! Start the conversation. Email us at Nicolas@nicolasgarden.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NicolasGardenOrg?ref=hl

1. Share your favorite recipes on our wall. We are always looking for new, healthy recipes that are fun to make. We welcome anything from the next greatest pizza recipe, to tips on how to roast the perfect piece of garlic! We will post your recipes on Facebook for everyone to try! What are you waiting for?  :D

2. Share pictures of your garden, as well as tips to for taking care of your seedlings and plants! Be creative! We love this idea for a dinosaur garden from http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/975981/create-a-garden-for-your-kids-imagination.

3. Plan a game or fun activity that involves nutrition and fitness! One example is to plan a local Farmer’s Market scavenger hunt with your family or friends, or community group. Post pictures and we’ll share on Facebook!

Twitter - https://twitter.com/NicolasGarden

1. Follow us and tweet @NicolasGarden! We #followback.

2. Tell us a joke. Everyone loves a good vegetable pun. Peas and thank you!

3. Share your favorite cooking tips with us. We’ll share on Twitter with the perfect hashtag such as #marrymegarlic.

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGubhlq5a4NMPkSt8TIhJvg

1. Visit our YouTube channel called NG.TV,  for fun cooking demos and community news and interviews!

2. Become a roving reporter yourself. Interview someone in your community that is an advocate of healthy living and we’ll share it on YouTube!

Your World:  Your Mission

What’s the next step?  Go out into the world and spread the wonderful things you are doing with your loved ones and community! We are fostering a garden of healthy ideas and need your help. Look at it this way:  If you spread the message of healthy eating with one other person, and they share it with one person, and so on, soon, a bunch of people will be in on the message and living healthier, happier lives!