Founded by nine-year-old entrepreneur Nicolas Come, “Nicolas' Garden” is a “By Kids, For Kids”, multi-media resource, inspiring healthier living through fun, “Farm-to-Fork” tools, videos, information, activities, and games. Check out my App:


A Healthy Future

Hi, I'm Nicolas Come. I'm nine-years-old and the inventor of the “Nicolas’ Garden” digital platform. A couple of years ago, I had an idea that growing and serving healthy food is not only good for my friends and everyone, and it can be fun as well. With the first version of my mobile app, I wanted my friends, and their friends, to find and share recipes "By Kids; For Kids".

But It doesn't have to stop here. I want to introduce a healthy, “Nicolas’ Seal of Approval," that kids and their parents will trust when they shop for produce or products worldwide. I also want to design and launch games that make being healthier fun for kids of all ages!

Join me, support and share my mission for a healthy future. Thank you,
Nicolas :-)